Chinese manufacturers have evolved radically, but can’t help but copy from time to time

03.08.2023 14:26

Updated on 08/03/2023 14:26

China has shown itself to be at the forefront of electric vehicles. The Asian country has radically changed its industry in just a couple of decades. If at the end of the last century no one singled out the Chinese as major automakers, today the picture is completely different. Its cars are among the best sellers and its technology is far ahead of other, more traditional brands. Nevertheless, The Chinese have always had a subtle art of copying And these photos show it perfectly.

Chinese brands began their transformation with the advent of the new millennium. His first and simplest initiative was to copy successful European cars. Brands like BMW, Mercedes or Volkswagen had their Chinese counterparts. without your approval or without receiving any compensation. Since the volume was small, this game seemed to be of no interest to anyone, but the Chinese very quickly learned how to make cars that are as interesting as they are advanced. Changing the format of mobility allowed them to rise to a position of control.

Submit this as a link to the news that brings us about this. A Twitter user (now called X) intercepted a test mule that from a distance looked like a Tesla Semi, an Austin electric truck. However, when he approached the tractor, immodest user began to realize that he was not up to Seven, and earlier its Chinese copy. It is clear that in terms of design, all trucks have a similar design, but in this case, the matches with the Tesla Semi are more than obvious.

We say this not only because of the aerodynamic shape of the cabin, but also because of its interior design. The Chinese not only seem to duplicate truck silhouette too Distinctive driving position developed by Tesla. The Americans put the driver in the middle of the cab, for which he is criticized, and the Chinese did the same with theirs. It is true that it is always possible that similar ideas exist on opposite sides of the globe, but in this case there are too many coincidences for this to be an accident. What is behind this remark?

In the Twitter post itself, many users pointed out that this could be Chinese version of Semi designed by JAC, local producer. Despite the obvious resemblance to the American rival, the Chinese may be developing an improved version with more autonomous control. An example is that the Chinese model does not have normal rear-view mirrors, like the Semi, but replaces them with cameras. While we don’t know exactly what model it is, it’s clear that Tesla came up with a copycat across the Pacific.

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