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03.08.2023 14:40

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From months until now, Tesla has been averaging very attractive delivery times in the eyes of its potential customers, as once a model has been framed, it was ready for collection in just a few days. Recently, however, the European Model 3s have seen some changes to their date ranges, which is unusual for their cheapest electric vehicle. What could be the main reason? Sources close to the company note that this is a clear sign of the imminent appearance Tesla Model 3 2024.

According to Tesla’s own official configurator, the time the company currently manages delivery of the European Model 3 is running out. two to five months, depending on the selected version. In particular, access and the Great Autonomy have a delivery period located between October and November of the current year 2023. However, by entering the Performance variant section, these timelines are significantly extended from November 2023 to January 2024. Of course, prices remain unchanged, starting at 39,990 euros.

This delay is only observed in the European market and specifically affects left-hand drive vehicles. The same does not apply to territories such as the UK or Australia, where delivery times are still only a few days. So why is it?

Tesla Model 3 Performance delivery time is up to five months.

Arrival of the Highland Project

These strange Tesla movements are directly related to the emergence of the so-called Highland Project, also known as the Tesla Model 3 update. The main reason for the delay in the European version may be related, as suggested DriveTeslaCanadaafter all, it is on the Old Continent that the brand will update this car and make the first deliveries.

According to this version, Tesla will look to extend its currently available inventory for a longer period of time to coincide with the launch of the new Model 3. The brand may not be producing as many units of the current electric vehicle due to shutdowns. at the Tesla plant in Shanghai (the main exporter to Europe) to adapt the premises to the arrival of the new car.

However, since the signing, they have not made any explicit and official statements about this, so the information that is being processed comes through various rumors or people close to the project.

The updated Tesla Model 3 was “hunted” a few days ago. / Photo: Collin W..

The new Tesla Model 3 that was recently seen disguised driving around california, it will have, in addition to updated aesthetics, many improved mechanical elements to present a model of easier and more affordable production for the brand, as well as a significant improvement in its technical characteristics. In particular, the access version is expected to have range about 540 kilometers. All this at a price that may not differ from what is currently offered.

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