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These have been challenging months for Celine Dion (Charlemagne, Canada, 55). In December, the singer announced through her social media profiles that she was suffering from a neurological condition known as tough personality syndrome. It is a disorder classified as a rare disease that affects the central nervous system, causing muscle spasms, and affects only one in a million people. The artist has decided to cancel her concerts for this year 2023, and in May she also canceled 40 concerts scheduled in Europe until April 2024. Months during which there was almost no news about her state of health. Now about how the Canadian singer is doing, her sister Claudette Dion told.

“We haven’t found any cure that works, but it’s important to have hope,” Claudette explained in an interview with a Canadian newspaper. Montreal magazine. Despite being in the hands of the best doctors and researchers, Dion is not getting better and requires constant care. So much so that another of her sisters, Linda, moved in with her to accompany her during this time: “When I call Celine and she is busy, I talk to my sister Linda, who is with her, and she tells me that a lot works. .”

“Honestly, I think what he needs most is rest. She always does her best and tries to be the best. At any moment, your heart and your body are trying to tell you something, so it’s important to listen to it, ”Claudette defended.

As sister Dion confirmed, the singer is aware of all the progress made in connection with the disease. translator I’m alive and his family are confident that he will be able to continue his musical career and will soon be able to return to the stage where he has shone for decades.

Celine Dion pictured in 2019.
Celine Dion pictured in 2019.©Netflix/Courtesy Everett Collection / Cordon Press

“The seizures affect every aspect of my life, sometimes they even prevent me from walking and also prevent me from using my vocal cords like I used to,” Dion admitted, visibly moved, in a video posted on her. social media. translator My heart Will Go On He hasn’t been on stage since 2019. First he had to cancel the tour. Courage Tour in 2020 due to the pandemic. In January 2022, he canceled part of a tour scheduled for that year. In December, after announcing his illness, Dion again pushed back the dates to 2024. However, knowing that his health was not improving, he decided to cancel the tour in May of this year.

“I miss you a lot. I always give my 100% when I perform, but my condition now does not allow me to do this. I have no other choice but to focus on my health right now,” Dion added in a message published on her social media, where she admitted that it was “tough” to make the announcement.

Health problems accompanied the artist throughout her career. In 2018, Dion announced the cancellation of several concerts at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas due to surgery for a condition in her ear known as occluded Eustachian tube that causes hearing loss. At that time, the Canadian artist had to deal with numerous personal and family problems.

In 2016, just two days apart, Dion lost her husband and one of her 13 siblings to the same illness: cancer. After all these failures, it seemed that the singer was slowly recovering from her most tragic years. In fact, in April of the same year, he announced his appearance on the big screen as part of the cast of a romantic comedy. fall in love again, where she interpreted herself and narrated the soundtrack. But it seems that life once again put a stone in the way, which he is already trying to overcome.

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