use their technology to create energy with raindrops

In their efforts to improve and expand solar panels, researchers have tried new materials, designs, positions, strategies to make them more sustainable, and even translucent and ceramic plates that allow us to dream of energy-generating windows, facades, and roofs. green electricity… However, Tsinghua University in China went even further and ... Read more

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Download WhatsApp images in one view

WhatsApp does not allow you to take screenshots of ephemeral photos, but there are certain ways to see them again. Ephemeral photos are stored in memory, but you can’t access them like you would a normal photo. join the conversation Would you like to see ephemeral WhatsApp photos as many ... Read more

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AI comes to Burger King to cut costs and avoid waste

Fast food chain Burger King has implemented an AI-based system in its restaurant chain to improve logistics operations, making it more agile, reducing costs and avoiding waste. It is an automatic learning based system called Sentinella that improves the supply chain by making it more flexible and efficient. Thus, artificial ... Read more

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