Booming Community and Shibarium


  • Shiba Inu creates solid support: a significant amount of Shiba Inu has been bought at current prices, which suggests that reliable support is forming.
  • Accelerated growth of the SHIB community: The number of addresses supporting SHIB has reached an all-time high, up 22% in the last week.
  • Notable shibarium activity: over 34.6 million transactions were made on the network from 17 million wallets, reflecting strong demand in the shiba inu ecosystem.

Based on IntoTheBlock’s active address yield analysis, An estimated 36.75 billion Shiba Inu positions break even at current price.

IntoTheBlock rankings distribute addresses based on whether they are profitable (in the money), break even (on the verge of profitability), or unprofitable (out of the money). relative to their positions at the current price.

According to this indicator approximately 1,710 addresses purchased a volume of SHIB 36.75 billion at a current price close to 0.000008. This Shiba Inu buying volume could mean that the price is gradually establishing a solid support at 0.000008.

This phenomenon occurs when SHIB seeks to match its recent network growth with the corresponding price action. In a recent Twitter post, the official Shiba Inu account announced that the SHIB community is growing rapidly.

This announcement came just as a new record for the number of addresses holding SHIB was reached, which had an impressive 22% more than last week. In addition, Shibarium continues to achieve new successes.

Shibarium is registering impressive activity, as is the price of SHIB.

Shibarium has shown remarkable activity in recent months with over 34.6 million transactions from 17 million wallets. which indicates a high demand for the network. This network is expected to be launched later this month.

The price of Shiba Inu shows a steady increase without any major catalyst. If this trend continues, SHIB may try to remove zero from its price. then we focus on the level of 0.00001.

The current range appears to be consolidating support around 0.000008, which could prevent further declines. and serve as a platform for the SHIB price to rise in the coming days.

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