Bill Gates’ surprise proposal to use marijuana in medicine: “it could have saved my father”

Although Bill Gates has stated several times that stands for the legalization of the drug and its therapeutic useIn a recent interview, he revealed that he also believes they could have saved his father from the illness that struck him in the last years of his life. It is for the treatment of this disease, according to Bill Gates, cannabis has the potential.

In the introductory chapter of his new podcast called Untangle Me with Bill Gates, the mogul shared his take on the substance for medicinal consumption and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Gates spoke with Seth Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller, whofounders of Hilarity for Charity, and who chose to join Gates in discussing the future of brain health and the fight against brain disease. Alzheimer’s disease that killed Miller’s mother and Gates’ father.

Bill Gates explained what his connection is with the medical use of marijuana. Original file.

The object works in support families and carers of people with Alzheimer’s disease, they also support brain health research and education initiatives. Gates joined the Alzheimer’s Association’s global research grant program Part the Cloud through a donation of US$10 million.

What is Bill’s relationship with marijuana

Taking advantage of the situation, Gates clarified what had been discussed for a long time: that he experimented with cannabis in his youth, like most others. “At school, out of 105 people in my class, I think there were three or four who didn’t smoke,” Gates said. “Because it was like, ‘Hey, I’m an adult! I can break the rules.” But sometimes I think I do it to be cool. It wasn’t so much smoking as smoking marijuana,” explained Bill Gates.

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