Ava Gila, Doctor of Aesthetic Medicine: “You only need 3 things for glowing skin”

Among all the legends that exist in the universe of beauty, indisputable concepts prevail. For example, one of the signs of age that worries women the most is lack of light on the skin. In summer, moreover, exposure to the sun causes loss of light and spots, so anxiety increases. As Maria Galland, a professional dancer who launched her own beauty brand over 60 years ago, said with the help of a dermatologist: “Beauty means feeling good in our skin, regardless of age. It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin. The only thing that matters is that the treatment is tailored to the specific needs of each.” So, to give light to our face, it is never too late.

The trend that Korean beauty has brought has introduced a large number of products and steps in the beauty routine. For a long time, the opinion has taken root that complex facial care is needed for beautiful and radiant skin. “There are many myths about skin care, but perhaps one of the most common is that in order to have healthy skin, you need a complicated and expensive skin care routine. simple routine: cleansing, moisturizing + care and sun protection – the most effective so that the skin remains healthy and radiant,” explains Ava Gila Ardila, M.D., expert in anti-aging treatments.

what irritates your skin the most

If we add the worst habits of our daily lives to an increase in classic summer sun exposure, we have the perfect smoothie to shed our skin. “Fatigue and stress can contribute to premature skin aging”– the expert comments almost from the side. “Chronic stress increases the production of cortisol, a hormone that has a negative effect on the skin. It reduces collagen production, alters skin barrier function, and increases skin sensitivity and reactivity, which can increase the likelihood of acne and rosacea,” explains Dr. Ava Gila Ardila.

The current lifestyle usually entails this type of stress/fatigue and, as a result, also changes the quality of sleep, which also directly affects the skin. In these cases, it can overwhelm the skin’s natural antioxidant defense system and cause more intense oxidative stress. All this results in a pronounced imbalance in the biological functions of the skin and, as a result, in a decrease in its ability to emit its natural light. Skin then appears duller and more tired, with less radiance.

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According to the expert, every day we do things that, without realizing it, affect our skin. the most influential and widespread, which directly affect the luminosity persons are:

  • Doesn’t cleanse skin properly
  • Insufficient or excessive hydration of the skin
  • Does not protect skin from the sun
  • Smoke
  • not getting enough sleep

On the other hand, the simplest habit that benefits the skin is the use of sun protection. “Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30 to all sun-exposed areas, even on overcast days, and 15 to 30 minutes before sun exposure to ensure proper absorption, reapplying it every 2 hours if you sweat or get wet,” insists Ava Gila Ardila. This simple habit will help prevent skin cancer and premature aging and it will not interfere with the synthesis of vitamin D in the body. The sun’s UVB rays are needed by the body to produce vitamin D, but it’s important to balance the need to protect the skin from harmful UV rays with the need to get enough vitamin D.

when there is not enough vitamin D

In order to block the synthesis of vitamin D when using sunscreens, several prerequisites must be strictly observed simultaneously:

  • Broad spectrum SPF (30-50+).
  • That each dose exceeds 30 ml with each application throughout the body (from the face to the back of the feet).
  • This is applied every 2 hours.
  • Let it spread between 15 and 30 minutes before exposure to ensure good absorption and be really effective.

“It is almost impossible to meet all of these requirements, so you should consider other causes of vitamin D deficiency before thinking that it could be due to overuse of sunscreen,” the expert says. Among the main causes of vitamin d deficiency are: little exposure to sunlight for various reasons (geographical factors), obesity or low consumption consumption food rich in this vitamin (vegan or strict vegetarian diet). “The best way to synthesize vitamin D is sun exposure: 10-30 minutes a day at safe intervals (early morning or late afternoon),” says Ava Gila Ardila, aesthetic medicine doctor, not forgetting that this situation depends on the geographical location, season or time of day.

3 products that will take care of radiance

SkinRoutine by Paloma Sancho Makeup Remover Oil

“Make-up remover oil washes away all fat-soluble products. It is the best ally for removing thicker creams such as sunscreens. Sunblock cream cannot be removed with a water-based gel product. For this reason, I dare say that if sunscreen is important for our skin care, cleansing oil is another essential element,” says Mau Castillo, a pharmacist who is an expert in dermocosmetics.

Lumin’Éclat perfecting cream by Maria Galland.

This cream has a satiny and velvety pinkish brown texture. In addition to being a moisturizer that cares for the skin, it has a perfecting and radiant effect thanks to its photo-enhancing pigments that blend with the skin and adapt to all shades.

Soleil Plaisir, anti-aging sunscreen SPF 50 from Darphin.

Protection and treatment in one product. In addition to broad spectrum protection (SPF 50), it contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin E to treat and prevent the appearance of fine lines and dark spots. So in addition to protecting, this product moisturizes and helps prevent premature skin aging caused by UVA/UVB rays.

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