Arturo Cesar Martinez Martos expanded his cultural and professional background while working in Colombia.

Social worker Arturo Cesar Martinez Martos had the opportunity to participate in an academic exchange in Colombia during his medical internship, allowing him to explore new horizons and experience medicine from a different perspective. “I have always had a thorn in travel, it was the first time I left the country and that was what I was doing at the UNAM Faculty of Medicine, which made me very excited. I wanted to know what medicine was like outside of Mexico,” recalled Arturo Cesar.

The exchange program, organized by the University of Antioquia, lasted six weeks, four and a half of which were devoted to medical rotation in the internal medicine service of the Alma Mater Hospital in Antioquia. At this time, Arturo Cesar had the opportunity to live in the city of Medellin.

In addition, he received support from the same university’s Partners program, which assigned him a local student to participate in cultural events, as well as outings, sporting events, and museum visits.

Among the most outstanding aspects of their exchange, he singled out the warmth and friendliness of the people: “The medical part was also very enriching for me, it made me believe in medicine again, showing me that it can be practiced in a friendly and instructive manner.” in the professional part He admitted that he liked the educational focus of the headquarters and its excellent organization: “There was a lot of learning, they encouraged you to continue learning, express your doubts and actively participate,” he described.

With regard to personal and professional development, the exchange left a deep impression on him and awakened a desire to explore South America more, either as a tourist or in another academic opportunity. In addition, this experience opened up new perspectives and medical practices for him, which he plans to apply in his professional future.

Likewise, Arturo César emphasized the sense of brotherhood and optimism among the people of Colombia, as well as the openness to cultural exchange, which he associates with closeness to other countries.

The biggest problem during their stay was getting lost on public transport, “I had to learn how to move independently, make decisions and understand how public transport works in a city I don’t know.”

Finally, he recommended to those wishing to carry out an academic exchange “do not be afraid, try. Even if things don’t always go as expected, it’s important to try. Strive to grow, don’t give up and stay positive.”

Thanks to his experience, Arturo Cesar received support from the Academic Mobility and Interinstitutional Liaison (MAVI), who initially helped him informed about possible options for rotation in another country, and after acceptance, recommendations were provided on paperwork and administrative processes.

If you would like a similar experience, please contact MAVI at, Facebook @MAVIFacMed, 55-5623-2374, or go to the basement of Building G of the faculty from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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