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Happiness is a topic of conversation that often resonates in areas ranging from the home to academia. What is happiness and how to get it? it is set by spiritual mentors, researched by psychiatrists, and studied by philosophers.

There will be those who define their emotional state according to their family, their ideals, or their lifestyle in general, It depends on the beliefs and passions of each being, this feeling can have a different meaning.

According to a Harvard study recently published in The Good Life, led by Robert Waldinger and Mark Schultz, happiness depends on interpersonal relationships.

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In particular, the quality of your bonds with those closest to you, which are the basis for people to be and feel in complete well-being.

“Good relationships make us happier and healthier, period. People who are constantly single are more likely to relapse in their health in middle age,” Waldinger said in an appearance for BBVA’s Aprendamos Juntos.

However, in the digital age, this question, which has been studied since the time of the Greeks and which Plato defined as “the ability to contemplate the essence of things”, has been curiously reproduced by artificial intelligence.

What ChaGpt and Bard Say

According to ChatGPT, a system developed with Openai is capable of responding to its prediction language. this term represents a subjective state that may vary depending on the social constructions of each region and society.

“Happiness is an emotional and mental state that most people desire. Although this concept can be subjective and vary depending on individual cultures and beliefs, in general, refers to feelings of well-being, satisfaction and joy in life“says AI.

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Similarly, he suggests that happiness can be associated with various areas of life where positive personal connections are taken into account. ambitions, own goals, self-care, kindness and resilience to any challenges that fate throws.

For its part, Google AI, Bard, broadly points to a definition similar to that of his opponent, but more concise and less transcendent.

“Happiness is a complex emotion and hard to define. It is often described as a feeling of contentment and contentment that can be experienced in both short and long bursts.” says the system.

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However, he has the opportunity to give a deeper answer regarding the keys that people must practice in order to achieve their well-being.

He recommends:Live in the moment, be kind to yourself, help others, seek out passions and fulfill them, spend time with nature, and practice mindfulness with mindfulness.“.




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