Antonela Roccuzzo showed off her mobile phone wallpaper and filled Lionel Messi fans with nostalgia.

Antonela Roccuzzo took a glimpse of her mobile phone wallpaper and got fans of Lionel Messi excited.

Antonela Roccuzzo showed off her mobile wallpaper and got Lionel Messi fans excited – Credits: @Instagram @antonelaroccuzzo

On Wednesday, Lionel Messi played his third match in a T-shirt Inter Miami and is already scoring more goals than games played. Thanks to the transfer of Robert Taylor in the 7th minute of the first half, he opened the scoring in the account, providing his team with a partial advantage. In overtime, he scored his second goal — his fifth since he was in Miami — and a super-classic goal against Orlando City. ended with the score 3:1 in favor of local.

Once again, the world champion received the unconditional support of the most important people in his life: his wife and three children. Very Antonela Rokuzzo hit the camera lenses earlier in the previous and almost imperceptible detail got the fans excited. What was it about? From the image you have chosen as wallpaper for your mobile phone. Will it be a new clique?

While fans are desperate for a photo of La Pulga, or at least for him to be around, the truth is that Antonela Roccuzzo also in the spotlight at every public appearance. Restrained, discreet and with a smile on her face, she prefers to have her husband and children in the spotlight, but even so, the cameras do not lose sight of her.

Rosario was present at the match between Inter Miami and Orlando City. surprised all denim look. She wore body-hugging denim overalls, accessories to elevate her figure. outfits and as a last detail included a pink Chanel bag, of course. Before the game started, she was caught in the stands talking to a woman she apparently knew, and then his cell phone screen turned onwhich he held in his hand, and let her catch a glimpse of her delicate wallpaper What did he choose.

In a video shared fan page @queen.anto could be seen, albeit with great care and attention, the image that Rocuzzo chose to be displayed each time the phone is turned on. It evoked a mixture of feelings in the fans, from nostalgia to emotions and the desire to sing “Muchachos”, the hit La Mosca Tsé-Tsé, which became popular during the World Cup in Qatar.

As could be seen, Antonela has a photo with Leo, Thiago, Mateo and Ciro.but not any, but the one that was taken after World Cup final in Qatar, where the Argentina national team beat the French team in a harrowing and exciting game that broke the 36-year-old curse. After searching for it for almost his entire career, he finally Messi lifted the World Cup and was able to share it with my family.

Anto Roccuzzo showed off his wallpaper (Photo: video/Instagram @queen.anto)

Anto Roccuzzo showed off his wallpaper (Photo: video/Instagram @queen.anto)

From what could be seen, the image that Roccuzzo has on his phone will be the same one he also shared on his Instagram account: one of five of them, along with the national team jerseys and the “best player in the world” trophy that Leo received. This revelation showed that, despite the fact that more than seven months have passed since Skaloneta lifted the cup, Messi still does not let go, on the contrary, they remember it daily.

Photo that Anto Roccuzzo would like to use as wallpaper (Photo: Instagram @antonelaroccuzzo)

Photo that Anto Roccuzzo would like to use as wallpaper (Photo: Instagram @antonelaroccuzzo)

On the other hand, in the video in question, one could also see warm greeting between businesswoman Rosario and David Beckham, one of the people who made Messi’s move to Inter Miami possible. The former footballer kissed Antonela twice, and they talked for several minutes with a third person from the club. It should be remembered that the bonds between Leo, Anto, David and Victoria Beckham are getting stronger. A few days ago they went out to dinner with Sergio Busquets and Elena Galera and realized how well they get along.

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