Anthony Bennasar, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine: “Despite the appointment, I will continue to teach microbiology”

Doctor of Biology and Professor of Microbiology in the research he will direct, Anthony Bennasar He admits that, despite the fact that his appointment was just announced by this newspaper, he has been updated for three months. One of his goals is to take on nine more students starting next year.

Since when did you know that you were going to head the medical faculty of the Balearic Islands?

For the past three months, I have been involved in the work being done by the current dean’s team, with some knowledge of what this position entails. The current team has completed the mission and now wants to take over. And I understand this, because this is quite a difficult task. If starting any research is not easy, imagine studying medicine.

Did you have any doubts before accepting the dean?

I agreed after thinking about it for a long time. But I also enjoy the challenges of my many years of research, which is why I said yes.

What is your training?

I am a biologist and professor in the field of microbiology. And since the beginning of my studies at the Faculty of Medicine, I have been teaching this subject since the second year.

Are you going to continue teaching as dean?

Yes, sure. I cannot lose this contact. And it wasn’t going to be a professor because my career was focused on research.

He also chairs the campus biosecurity committee…

Yes, this is a position that they ask me not to leave, and for now I’m going to continue. Let’s hope that there will be no more pandemics, because these were very difficult times for the whole world and even more so for this committee. Also, I’m the director of the MA in Advanced Microbiology, and this position will need to find a successor, because it’s clear that I can’t save so many things.

In the next academic year, 9 more places will be offered to study medicine, up to 69…

Yes, it is true.

Should the number of teachers be increased?

Theoretical classes will not need additional teachers. But this may create some problem, not too serious, in the distribution of practice groups. In the second year of microbiology, we work with pathogenic microorganisms, and for biosecurity reasons, groups cannot exceed fifteen people. We will have to create another group, and this will require more teaching hours.

Do you think this faculty will help retain the doctors who graduate it?

This is a big challenge.

Do you know how many first-class doctors who graduated from this faculty, what the world has done, stayed here to train as specialists?

Two. The one who got the best score in the Balearic Islands trains in Son Espaces and the other one, I think, specializes in Menorca. We are talking about 59 graduates of the first promotion, which were considered in January, since the graduates of the second promotion have not yet introduced themselves. And it all depended on the position obtained on the test, and on whether the local hospitals offer the specialty they want.

How many teachers do these studios have?

About 400 and more than 55% of them are associated, that is, not accredited as teachers. It is our big task to help them with the bureaucratic procedures so that they can be accredited.

Is it health care doctors who have found a break in training?

Yes, and with a meager salary. A full monthly fee can range from €280 for someone who teaches three classes a week to €580 for someone who teaches six.

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