Amazon, Microsoft and Meta team up against Apple and Google

Swords are high in the world of technology, where companies compete to produce better products and improve their position both in the market and with shareholders. However, the latest move by Amazon, Microsoft and the Metcompletely caught Apple and Google on the wrong foot. Keep reading we tell you everything.

Revolution in our place?

Most of us use Google Maps and Apple Maps, and in the case of Spain, the percentage of users using the Google app is much higher because it has many more features and is much more optimized than the Cupertino app.

While other alternatives currently exist, location and movement market through applications passed to Apple and Google. However, things seem to be about to change as three major companies have teamed up to launch alternative which would be a headache for the companies that dominated the monopoly.

Overture Maps, a new revolution

OvertureMaps is a platform spearheaded by Meta, Amazon and Microsoft who have teamed up to work together. They recently published the first data set which includes landmarks, buildings, administrative boundaries and reached in su first version 59,000,000 attractions. Despite these good initial results, their goal is to become genuine link for all users, shifting in popularity to technology giants Google and Apple.

At the time of this writing, it’s only available to developers, but it seems to count. with two alternatives that provide more added value than Google Maps and Apple Maps. The first oneopen an alternative in which all developers will be able to improve this application, which will allow it to grow exponentially very quickly and, therefore, it can become what they aspire to be, a real alternative in a short time. This open alternative will focus on collaborative mapping and a new global feature frame of reference. The second one is that it absolutely freeIn other words, it won’t be a paid app, as is the case with other apps like Sygic, which you have to pay to download full maps of the continents.

What are Google and Apple’s plans for the future?

Although the news took them by surprise, it seems that no one they are going to change their app roadmap in the short term. google, It has the support of a population that uses it daily, and man is an animal of customs, so at first it will be difficult for a large part of the population to switch to another application.

iphone locationMansana, has always been quite independent in matters of development, pursuing its own line of growth and product presentation, and that, as the results went, it seems that it did not go very badly. Therefore, Apple will continue to improve its app both in the US and in the rest of the world, first introducing news in its own country, and then optimizing and launching it in other countries.

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