Albanian | “Boycott the new school year”, the battle cry of medical students

They are demanding the withdrawal of a bill obliging them to work in Albania for five years after graduation.

_“Boycott to the new academic year!”._ This is the battle cry of Albanian medical students. This week they protested in front of parliament demanding the repeal of a law requiring them to work in Albania for five years after graduation.

“This bill is unfair and unconstitutional, it violates human rights”says the medical student.

medical brain drain

The medical brain drain is the main reason for the Department of Education’s decision.

According to the Association of Albanian Doctors in Europe, 3,040 doctors have left Albania in the last decade alone.

“The law is not unconstitutional, the law does not oblige anyone. The law gives them a choice.”says Evis Kushi, Minister of Education and Sports of Albania.

But this decision was not well received by medical students. They have two options: either they sign a contract, or they pay the full tuition fee.

Look for alternatives

Albanian doctors, for their part, believe that an alternative must be found to prevent the brain drain.

“Conditions for work should be created for these students. Such measures are being taken all over the world.”says Kita Sullabanda, doctor.

More than a month of protests

The protests, which lasted more than a month, turned out to be fruitless, as parliament approved a bill that will be implemented with the start of the new course in October.

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