Albacete. Royal Academy of Medicine includes five new members

The Royal Academy of Medicine of Castile-La Mancha continues to take shape and is currently doing so, as the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports confirmed yesterday, with the appointment of five new relevant academics. In particular, they must hold their seat as “advisory or deliberative” members, as Pedro Tarraga, president of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Castile-La Mancha, announced in the near future, in fact Tarraga assured La Tribuna that “They have one year to take over this title.” José Molina Cabildo, Miguel Angel Cuesta Valentin, Begoña Martínez Lejarreta, Maria Teresa Santamaria Hernández and Jesus Salas Nieto have been appointed. Of these five, there are two names that belong to the city of Albacete, Jesus Salas and Maria Teresa Santamaria. In fact, professionals who stand out both in the field of medicine and at the scientific level, thanks to their research edge, and who are already part of the Royal Academy, along with those who occupy a chair in four categories such as the president of the organization, Pedro Tarraga, Juan Solera, Julio Antonio Carbayo, Luis Rodríguez Pardial, Julia Vaamonde, Pedro Zorrilla, Roberto de la Plaza, Soledad Fernandez Córdoba, Julio Virceda, Jose Manuel Huiz, Vicente José Anastasio Martinez, Tomas Segura, Julian Garde, Llanos Palop and Mairena Martin.
Nominations are proposed with the approval of the Plenary of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Castile-La Mancha by virtue of the authority granted by Decree 255/2019 of October 22 establishing the Medical Academy of Castile-La Mancha and signed by the President on his behalf. The proposed candidates will have one year to take office in the manner prescribed by the charter of the regional Medical Academy.
Although the Royal Academy of Medicine of Castile-La Mancha has already received 24 places, it must complete this figure to 35, as confirmed by President Pedro Tarraga.

Scientists. The conditions required to access these academic positions include that they must practice medicine as well as be a physician in any field of expertise related to the health sciences for a minimum of 10 years; as well as having recognized scientific prestige and the endorsement of three numbered scientists; be Spanish or a European citizen. The origin of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Castile-La Mancha, which is gradually taking shape, is the Society of Medicine and Surgery of Albacete, which came into being in 1968 precisely to compensate for the absence of said institution in the region. After more than half a century of work, it is transformed into a regional institution by Decree 255/2019 of the Government of Castile-La Mancha. Later, King Felipe VI awarded this Academy the title of Queen.

The Posada del Rosario already houses the headquarters of the regional institution.

It should be remembered that the Academy had a temporary headquarters in the Faculty of Medicine, but it moved to the city center, to one of the most emblematic buildings of Albacete. Rosary Hotel.
This central location allows for permanent and direct contact and communication with the heart of the city to develop the functions of this regional institution, which include the research and promotion of knowledge in all branches of its field. , consultation and cooperation with the public administrations of Castile-La Mancha, as well as relations and cooperation with other academies. It was in the summer of 2021 that a meeting was held with the President of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Castile-La Mancha, Pedro Juan Tarraga, at which it was decided by the Consistory to provide premises in Posada. del Rosario for this facility. At its last meeting in February of this year, the Local Government Council of the Albacete City Council completed the approval of the specified task.

Reward. “The regional institution must again request the transfer of the use of this space, and the city council must conduct a new assessment for its award, according to the President of the Medical Academy of Castile-La Mancha, Pedro Tarraga. “in connection with the change of the government team in the capital.” The Academy of Medicine committed to “spread the cooperation established under this agreement and promote the city of Albacete in activities that allow it.”

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