AI turns you into a pro for your LinkedIn photography

  • AI is estimated to improve the GDP of the energy, utilities and mining industries by 5.5 percent in terms of productivity.

  • The term artificial intelligence refers to a model created to solve a specific problem or provide a specific service.

  • By 2023, the value of the AI ​​market is expected to increase by $165 billion.

Artificial intelligence has helped a lot in various areas, including improving the look of photos, and it can even make you look like CEO Powerful like in the movies.

AI in general terms refers to certain human behaviors that can be developed with the help of a system technologiesFor some companies, this has been a great help, as it allows you to optimize and improve performance, as exemplified by the famous chat bot which allow you to interact with customers so they can have immediacy. Obviously, artificial intelligence (AI) is at its peak and in recent years it has transformed many aspects of daily life and this is no exception for the business or school world because with the growing capabilities of technology to process big data and learn from it, more and more tasks are possible automate.

AI turns you into a pro for your LinkedIn photography

The world of work continues to grow thanks to existing new technological tools such as the social network. LinkedIn, which is one of the most popular platforms in the world for finding a job or promoting your professional profile in large companies. That’s why the platform is registering a global figure of 774,061 million users and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years until it surpasses the one billion barrier in 2025, according to Key Market Indicators.

It is known that the account Linkedin This is what is taken into account when looking for and receiving job offers, which is why many people worry and take their time to make their profile on this social network look their best. In this sense, artificial intelligence is also a great help as it helps turn your ordinary photos into professional photos on another level.

A user named @Isabel Gutierrez shared on her Twitter account. tik tak your user experience ProgramsRemini” powered by artificial intelligence that instantly enhances your photos. While it must be taken into account that this has a cost, in her case she paid 99 pesos to use it for a week.

@itsisabelgtz I still can’t believe it, new photo for linkedin #remini #ai #fotocv #linkedin #fotosai #inteligenciaartificial ♬ 3:15 (Slowed Down + Reverb) – Russ

It is clear that AI It is currently very strong, another example of this is Decktopus AI, which allows you to prepare a presentation in a few minutes, for this you just need to indicate the topic you want to cover, the time you plan to devote to it. see how much information it generates, it even lets you customize and edit your slides. The material can be downloaded as a PDF for free with a watermark or for a fee without a watermark for $9.99, about $200.

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