AI comes to Burger King to cut costs and avoid waste

Fast food chain Burger King has implemented an AI-based system in its restaurant chain to improve logistics operations, making it more agile, reducing costs and avoiding waste.

It is an automatic learning based system called Sentinella that improves the supply chain by making it more flexible and efficient.

Thus, artificial intelligence allows you to individually optimize operations for each store, which leads to a reduction in costs and food waste.

The system, developed in partnership with TopCode, evaluates store behavior and possible seasonal events such as holidays and high traffic months, DPL News points out.

One of the advantages of the Sentinella system is that it combines data from a database of customer orders through inventory management to understand which supplies are used most in a particular store.

Thus, when restocking, the manager consults a system that will come up with more pushy offers, all without having to check multiple spreadsheets.

For this reason, the tool supports managers in ordering materials by suggesting the correct amount to replenish their stocks.

This system began to be implemented in 2021, and to date, more than 30,000 orders have been received.


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ZAMP, the company in charge of the Burger King and POPEYES franchises in Brazil, is investing in training its employees to develop an intelligence and automation-driven mentality, especially for the commercial manager.

This type of training guarantees the continuous improvement of the Artificial Intelligence used in restaurant chains. The company also created a track of educational videos on the topic with simultaneous translation in Libras (Brazilian Sign Language).

For this training video, they use Unboxing Play, an enterprise learning platform with learning tracks developed using design thinking methods.

ZAMP is moving forward in the use of artificial intelligence by incorporating technology into all pillars of the business, and with this new strategy aims to become the largest food technology in Brazil.

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