According to the expert, heat stroke and sunstroke can lead to irreversible consequences.

Angel Villamor, Medical Director of iQtra Medicina Avanzada, spoke about the risks of heat and sunstroke in a dialogue with Europa Press. In his opinion, these clinical pictures can cause irreversible effects in vital organs such as the brain and kidneys. Even if they are not detected and treated in time, they can even lead to death.

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The expert explained that in both cases, the body loses the ability to regulate temperature and cool itself, which can cause sudden inflammation of vital organs with irreversible consequences.

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Villamor stressed the importance of recognizing early symptoms, such as reddening of the skin and excessive sweating, which can later turn into red and dry skin. Other warning signs include increased breathing and heart rate, throbbing headache, weakness, muscle spasms, and altered mental status.

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“When we talk about treatment, we cannot stop insisting that this is the most serious form of heat injury and that it requires immediate action, no matter how mild the symptoms may seem to us,” explained Medical Director of iQtra Medicina Avanzada.

In the event of possible heat or sunstroke, the specialist advised taking the person out of the hot environment and cooling them down. on the head, neck, armpits and groin, and seek emergency medical attention. If you don’t have water, you can use a fan, fan, or even an air conditioner.

To prevent these images from appearing, Villamor recommended using light-colored, loose clothing, apply sunscreen every two to three hoursdrink at least two and a half liters of fluid per day in small amounts and regularly and gradually acclimatize to a hot environment before embarking on intense physical activity.

The final message from the chief medical officer was clear: taking any symptoms seriously and acting quickly if heat stroke or heatstroke is suspected can make the difference between a manageable situation and a major medical emergency. Prevention and timely attention are essential to avoid devastating consequences.

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*This content was created using artificial intelligence based on information from Europa Press and verified by a journalist and editor.

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