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The Nothing brand has become extremely popular since last year when an exclusive phone was announced (1). Since then, the Nothing Ear (1), a headphone that continues the line of transparent design so characteristic of the Karl Pei company, has also been released, as well as the new Nothing Phone (2). Now, the next gadget that sits between brows and brows is the smartwatch that will come out of the hands of a new generation of wireless helmets.

It looks like the Chinese company co-founded by the creator of OnePlus is more than ready expand your catalog. Nothing has managed to gain a foothold in such a competitive market thanks to a distinctive aspect: the appearance of their devices. Strategy to be repeated with Smart watch and what I want to see for myself.

Unique smartwatch is on the way

This was confirmed by Nothing CEO Carl Pei himself in a statement in which he claims he is looking to expand his range of devices and in which he indicated that new smartwatches will arrive later this 2023. He did it after presentation “CMF by Nothing”series economic alternatives which make Nothing’s unique design more accessible to the vast majority of users.

“Nothing aims to make technology interesting again and has proven to break the boundaries of industrial design. In this way, the company believes it can make good design more democratic and impact more people.”

nothing phone 2

The Nothing phone (1) has been on the market for 469 euros and the phone (2) for 649 euros. Although they are not prohibitively expensive, there are many people who are not ready to pay that amount for a smartphone or any other device. CMF by Nothing is a sub-brand that was born just to remedy this situation and guarantee high quality products at a good price for every consumer.

For now nothing is known about the smart watch Nothing, but it has already raised all possible expectations from the community, who are wondering what this new invention of the Asian brand will look like. We remember that the idea is for it to launch later this year, so it shouldn’t be long before we get our first official look at wearables, which wouldn’t be surprising if they were included among the best watches. 2023.

CMF nothing

Carl Pei has explained in great detail what the purpose of CMF by Nothing is and it is summed up in a sub-brand that operates independently but focuses on the same Nothing products without conflicting when it comes to product development. The idea is that the latter option is upscale and the first of a cheaper line. All this was confirmed by a video posted on his YouTube account, where several employees of the company talk about the future of the company and what should happen.

Carl Pei

This is not surprising, especially since other major manufacturers on the market also chose this option at one time. This is the case of Xiaomi’s Redmi and POCO, or Nord’s for OnePlus, although Nothing seems to want to deviate from this trend, since the mobile phones of these divisions are almost identical to those of the main company. One thing is clear, we won’t have to wait long to find out all this, as the Nothing smartwatch is just around the corner.

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