A child admitted with severe burns has already received the medicine he needs after seeking help

He the child was admitted with severe burns in Pinar del Río He already has the medicine he needed after a plea for help that was broadcast on social media.

This news was confirmed by the Cuban dancer and choreographer Norge Ernesto Diaz Blak, known on social networks as Noli Blak, who is involved in helping those in need both in Holguin and in other provinces.

Facebook / Noli Black

The child needed collagenase, an ointment that would aid his recovery, as well as silver sulfadiazine and a healing material, as reported this Sunday following a Facebook post by an Internet user identified as Manuel Jesús Candano Rodriguez, who specified that the child had been admitted to the burn unit of a children’s hospital in that city.

The child, whose name or the name of his parents has not been released, has more than 50 burns on his body, he is completely bandaged and covered in blisters. His position, though stable, is delicate.

Despite the fact that some Cubans brought Santil ointment to the baby, they ask everyone who can cooperate with the healing material or silver sulfadiazine to come to the hospital.

They left as contact numbers: 59785601 for Menor Tatto Dominguez and 52048827 for Manuel Jesus Candano Rodriguez.

Due to an acute shortage of drugs, Cubans were forced to create groups of managers on social networks.

A few months ago, the same Internet user who was now asking for help for a toddler shared a request to get dressings and nitrofurazone for a burnt girl in this province.

Apparently, the girl received a burn due to the negligence of the relatives caring for her.

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