5 practices to feel relaxed without visiting a wellness center

There are people who need to escape from the maddened crowd in order to feel disconnected from the environment and connected with themselves. But it’s also true that there are other people who find it difficult to find a few days to get away or don’t feel comfortable meditating or spending a few days with people they don’t know. Can you have that connection and look with your interior without meditating in a formal way? With these ideas, you will achieve it or get close to it.

Walking, with method and perseverance

We never tire of telling you about the huge physical and mental benefits of walking for at least 10-20 minutes a day (there is a lot of research on the right timing, and it also depends a lot on the pace at which it’s done). And although we recently recommended doing it with friends and on the beach (walking and talking), associate a walk with relaxation it’s better to do it alonefirst thing in the morning or at night After dinner. Easy walking benefits your mind by naturally reducing stress and anxiety. In addition, a walk is the best alternative to getting addicted to a mobile phone before going to bed and its detrimental effects.

Slow physical practice

Stretching can be a great relaxation and self-awareness technique.Getty. TELVA.

Physical exercise is a miracle, and it is necessary at any age, everyone should find what brings the most pleasure and activates and energizes. But for the intention that we are now looking for, for calmness and inner connection, practices such as yoga, tai chi, qigong (meditation in motion) or just stretching are much more useful. If it can be with a slight sound in the background, even better.

Aromatherapy and head massage

For connect with the body, and not only with our interior, nothing like feeling it from beginning to end, while all the senses are involved. In the Selvarossa center, which is also opening a new (and beautiful) 200 m2 space in Madrid (Almirante 15), they perform aroma massages that allow us to fully focus on our senses and achieve complete relaxation. They don’t forget the extremes of the body, and a head and foot massage can really elevate you to another level of consciousness. One of its cabins is two-seater, and any treatment can be done by two, although, as with the walk, we recommend that you experience it alone so that you really have time for soul-searching.

Selvarossa is the nursing center with the largest number of manicure and pedicure rooms in the capital, as well as private treatment rooms. Also a double treatment for couples.

Cook slowly and enjoy

Obviously, this is the ultimate relaxation therapy for those of us who love to cook and eat, not for those of us who can’t stand it. Those of us in the first group will not always be able to enjoy cooking with such a self-care mentality, in many cases the functionality of the diet prevails. But whenever we can, we should revel in every part of the process. kitchen somehow get full control over the project you are buildingwhile a number of sensations of taste and smell. An absolute avoidance of problems with olfactory regression to many other pleasant moments with similar aromas.

Do it yourself, no pressure

It happens just like with the kitchen, there are those who will love it, like our collaborator Amini Filippi, who, in addition to writing some super entertaining themes with simple DIY ideas, practices it herself as a relaxation and wellness technique. In addition to the pleasure of watching one element transform into another, you get an explosion of different textures, sensations and smells. We are talking about Do it yourself and enjoy restorationrather than setting up five IKEA shelves while the kids are arguing and asking what’s for dinner… For this reason, we take it for granted that we are alone in this election, no one presses us about when to finish the furniture, and we enjoy every step.

DIY is for many a pleasure, not a duty.

In fact, each relaxation exercise is as individual as there are people in the world. I now remember the female boss saying to me, “Look, my present moment of meditation and personal connection is when I pet my dogs on the couch.” Will anyone argue with him? Choose your moment, your technique, which will make you feel full, and if you also meditate, then it’s better, but if you don’t succeed, don’t beat yourself up and focus your efforts on finding your formula.

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