5 key elements to exercise and lose weight in the summer

Lose weight o With the onset of summer, getting rid of extra pounds becomes a problem. The summer season associated with the holidays is usually a time of excess and relaxation, and it is normal for us to forget about exercise and generally everything that the routine entails for a few weeks. However, you can keep doing sportwhether at home, in the park or at the gym, especially if your goal is lose belly in order to show the best figure on the beach or in the pool. We have already recommended some of the best fat burning addition to your diet, but nothing beats a good workout (and Proper nutrition) to get in shape.

exercises to flatten belly

There are countless exercises to lose belly fat. However, one of the most complete and simple (which is not easy) is skipping rope. And that’s what this cardio type workout is classic boxing – I’m sure you’ve seen it in many movies – which has been updated thanks to crossfit. Thus, we can make simple jumps before double underwear (double underwear), which will help you shed pounds. And for this we offer Blucar bend, adjustable and with non-slip foam handle. Add on Amazon over 19,000 reviews.

Skipping rope from Blukar.

Exercises for weight loss of the abdomen at home

If the pandemic has cleared anything up, it’s that it’s possible. train at home. And, moreover, without the need for huge devices. It will be enough to surround yourself with accessories that, no matter how modest they may seem, will contribute to the long-awaited weight loss. One of them is weight or weight ( bestseller on amazon can be selected in six different weights), which will allow us to perform one of the best exercises: sway. To do this, the weight will have to be transferred from the level of the eyes below the legs, accompanying the movement with the whole body, and not just with the hands.

Basics of the Amazon with kettlebells.

If you prefer, you can also get some dumbbells with which you can perform countless exercises. We recommend press one arm with dumbbells and lungevery easy to implement. Lifting the dumbbell with one hand, lunge with the other leg. and then repeat, but with the other arm and leg. And don’t forget to keep your back straight, eh basic durable to keep you steady and prevent injury. The model we propose has 31% discount on amazon and collect over 17,000 reviews.

Dumbbells Proiron 1 kg.

lose weight fast

To lose weight quickly, it will be enough not only physical exercises. In addition, you will need to bring healthy lifestyle what’s going on, by the way take care of food. However, there are exercises that you can use to get rid of your stomach faster. We refer to heavy squats And dead weight. To carry out these basic powerlifting you’ll have to have one handy heavy rod with plateslike this one from Proiron discount 44% on Amazon where he adds over 12,000 reviews.

Heavy rod with Proiron discs.

abdominals to lose belly

Perhaps the most popular (and hated) exercise along with push-ups. Nothing compares to the press for burn stored belly fat efficiently and working directly on the square. For hypertrophy this area and get six pack enviably, we recommend Amonax ventral wheelwhich on Amazon has over 17,000 reviews. Of course, don’t be discouraged if this exercise is difficult for you at first, as it requires practice and a certain technique. With a straight back and strong abs, slowly raise and lower your torso, helping yourself with the steering wheel.

Abdominal wheel of Amonax.

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