3 foods you shouldn’t eat for breakfast for health reasons

D.It has long been heard more than once thatBreakfast is the most important meal of the day“. And this is half true, since all meals are important during the day, none of them can be neglected, but breakfast, being the first, should have all the necessary nutrients and not fall into fierce hunger what we have when we wake up.

That’s why you need to think twice before choosing which ingredients we put in our mouths at the start of the day. From Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN), it is recommended to consume the perfect breakfast every day, or at least give four foods that should be avoided for the sake of our health

A healthy diet reduces and in many cases prevents the risk of suffering. cardiovascular diseases,overweight and other types of diseases. Diseases such as cancer increase the risk of suffering if we consume processed foods containing sugar or refined oils.

Foods to avoid for breakfast

  • He White bread This is one of them. According to various nutritionists, we usually accompany bread with other ingredients that add more calories to our body, artificial sugar and trans fats, whose contribution to our body is not good at all. As a good alternative, you can choose wholemeal bread, where is our bellyfills you up without taking in too many calories” according to nutrition expert Marie Groeneveld.
  • ultra-processed foods: It is already known that refined flour and sugar should be avoided at all costs, and breakfast is no exception. Glucose rises when we consume these types of foods, such as those rich in sugar, industrial baked goods, etc. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO, abbreviation in English) produced a report on nutrition and showed that one of the most common causes of overweight and obesity is related to what we eat. those whose trace elements scarce, such as ultra-processed foods, sugary drinks and fast food.
  • fried: Fried foods are other foods that we should avoid during breakfast. First, because it will give us a feeling of heaviness and fatigue it won’t make us work well during the day. Secondly, because many of them will be made from vegetable oil, the components of which are harmful to our health. If we make fried foods a habit in our diet, we increase our risk of getting sick. overweight, obesity and heart disease. Sauces and jams: big “enemy” of a healthy diet. They seem harmless due to their texture and taste, but the truth is that food can go from healthy to the exact opposite when we add sauces to it. Its high calorie content Added to the sugar some of them contain and the manufacturing process, we’ve already thrown any signs of a healthy diet overboard.

What would be a healthy breakfast?

Considering what has been observed and if we avoid the foods mentioned above, a healthy breakfast will consist of a combination of natural products with those that will provide us with all the micro and macro elements necessary for our body.

He wholemeal bread, fruit, natural yoghurt, nuts, skimmed milk and quality food will be our fundamental foundation for any diet. In addition, during breakfast, we should prioritize fiber and good calorie intake from natural foods in order to have energy. Olida oil, tomato, avocado will be priority options over industrial baked goods, jams or fast food.

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