3 effective mini diets and how to follow them to lose weight

When summer hits, we become obsessed with shedding those extra pounds we’ve gained over the winter, but it’s important not to do crazy things with food and always think health is the most important thing, which is why we recommend before starting any diet or change in your diet, you should consult your doctor. As they say, we’re going to review it here. 3 Popular Mini Diets which you can do punctually and without exceeding time, so that you can try what best suits your tastes and needs.


The secret is to choose the right kind of bread and the perfect accompaniment. If you have a few kilograms left, but you are one of those who cannot do without bread, do not be discouraged. Controlling the amount and knowing how to mix it properly will help you regain your weight.

  • DURING BREAKFAST, since this is the meal of the day, in which you need more slow carbohydrates, that is, energy, to work all morning.
  • WITHOUT PASS, i.e. 60 to 120 grams per day, which gives you about 280 calories. Take it daily at breakfast for a week, or just at dinner. You can repeat this in a week.
  • COMPREHENSIVE, as it is the one that is most satiating, contains more fiber and helps you in the process of digestion. If you prefer other types of bread, keep in mind that grain bread is high in calories and toast contains less water.
  • IN GOOD COMPANY since the calories you end up consuming depend on it.

The best? Poor quality vegetables and proteins such as fresh cheeses, turkey, chicken, etc.


Fresh, healthy and highly nutritious vegetable juice. One of the most traditional and refreshing dishes of our gastronomy is also a good ally when it comes to keeping fit. To better use the qualities of gazpacho, do not forget:

  • PREPARE IT IN THE MOMENT since most of its nutrients, such as vitamin C in cucumbers, are removed immediately.
  • PASS THE BREAD unless you want it to lose its diuretic and detoxifying power.
  • DO IT YOURSELF as most packaged gazpachos contain bread and even sugar to curb the acidity of the tomatoes. If you decide to buy it, first check the composition.
  • FOR LUNCH OR DINNER, because, while providing few calories, it is a poor breakfast food. Accompany it with fresh cheese, serrano ham or white fish, grilled chicken, turkey or beef.
  • ONE WEEK This diet is highly recommended, especially if you lead a very active lifestyle.


Make it a separate dish or eat after a meal. Light, nutritious and refreshing, this tropical fruit is an indispensable product on your table, especially for weight loss. Learn to take pineapple:

  • RAW OR IN JUICE, to avoid sugar content, which includes pineapple packaged in syrup.
  • BETWEEN THE HOURS This is a good option as its high fiber content makes it a very satisfying meal.
  • TWICE A DAY for a week. For lunch as an independent dish, and for dinner for dessert, accompanied by vegetables, eggs or chicken as a first course.
  • TO MAINTAIN YOUR WEIGHT, Take it for dessert with meat, oily fish and dairy products twice a week. You won’t have a problem, as one of its enzymes, bromelain, digests these proteins.

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