3 daily solutions that will relieve the mental load on vacation (more and better rest)

We usually come to vacationphysically and mentally tired And in autopilot mode. For everyone, summer is the key reboot your mind, reset connections And order of precedence. get off the beat fast To slow Or multitasking to the monkey conscious activity is part of this roadmap that will allow us rest and above all Disable. Our brain It takes time to adjust to new beat. “Rest and disconnection are physical and mental experiences. In fact, when our body is already in a resting place, our mind may not have “arrived” yet. Minimum days requiredto give our brain time to get used to the drastic decline in work activity and to understand that we are now at a different stage, ”explains psychologist David Lanzas.

How to reduce mental stress on vacation

One of the factors that most influence our mental exhaustion This mental load. And the main source of this constant noise usually comes from our inside. “Care, reflectionscatastrophic fantasies, fears, demands, self-criticism… The greatest cause inner suffering our talking mind”, explains psychologist Belen Kolomina. But another great source mental noise comes to us from outside. How? As with sensory stimulation, unnecessary ideas that we consume without realizing it, information overload with the help of technology… What happens if we drown out these three sources mental load from the first day of your vacation? We suggest a different trip for this summer. “We have a great power to generate suffering for our mind or, conversely, restore calmto make it easier. But, for this, we need to listen to each other inside. if my level interior noise very loud, I won’t be able to hear my need to stop, share, increase my social life, laugh… I will live in dissatisfaction constant,” explains Belen Kolomina.

3 daily solutions that reduce mental stress on vacation

you need to listen silence. help your intelligence get rid of the good part of the workload that is hindering you unwind and relax on vacationtry doing like this:

1. Avoid (bad) news to protect your mood.

Activate your experiential mind to silence your talking mind.

As easy as not reading them. According to the 2022 report Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalismthere are more and more people who decide avoid certain information To minimize the negative impact on your mood. A 36% Spaniards Those surveyed prefer not to read negative news because of their mental health, 43% do so because they are discouraged by the repetitiveness of the news agenda, 29% are tired of the amount of news, 17% say it raises arguments they would rather avoid, and 16% feel powerless. “Consumption negative news can emotionally affect the person consuming this information: they are incentives for emotional brainwhich interprets and manages them well or badly depending on the resources, training and emotional habits of each of them,” explains Mireya CaberoProfessor of the Department of Psychology and Pedagogical Sciences of the UOC.

2. Activate your empirical mind to silence you talking mind.

Avoid (bad) news to protect your mood.

“Our main ally in the reduction mental noise This empirical mind: come back to feelingsto more organic cycles,” explains Belen Kolomina. “We live in a state wandering and wandering mind who jumps from one thought to another, making a lot of noise, anxietyfears, delayed tasks… We need to land, rest, detox, reboot, saturate it with oxygen and, from this, establish positive qualities, such as learning to focus on the good of the day or activity. meditation It is nothing more than cultivating and familiarizing one’s mind with virtuous states, not with noise and dissatisfaction, but with that which heals it. For example? “Dream to walkwalk, contemplate the landscape, activate your senses, listen to the birds, the breath of the wind on the skin, changes in lighting, feel your body in walk, your breath. activate your empirical mind. If you can manage to do this for 5 minutes a day, you will do great.”

3. Write an emotional notepad to relieve mental stress.

Write an emotional notepad to relieve mental stress.

He emotion notepad It is a very useful tool to give vent to our emotions and thoughts. In accordance with Katherine Hoffmann, an expert in cognitive stimulation and brain training, “is designed to eliminate everything that bothers us and can lead us to more,” at a certain point. Emotions, thoughts and negative feelingsconsume a lot of energy at the brain levelHe. Notebook of emotions Exhaust valve that we invite our brain to release all the negativity that invades us at the moment. That is, you can use it whenever you feel like you need to release something, even every day. By doing so, you indicate to your brain which can get rid of this thought-emotion what is blocking you

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